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The five-week study abroad program allowed cadets to take three classes at the Universidad de Alcalá in Alcalá de Henares near Madrid.

Study Abroad: A Spanish Summer for VMI Cadets

Nearly two dozen traveled to Spain this summer for a study abroad program, with varying majors and minors represented, from economics and business, modern languages, history, computer science, engineering, and more. The five-week program allowed cadets to take classes at the Universidad de Alcalá.

From legislative intern to Virginia Military Institute graduate, the next step for Jimmy Murphy ’24 is law school.   After spending several summers working in the U.S. Capitol, in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, Murphy will be heading to Notre Dame Law School in the fall.

Onto Law School: Recent International Studies Grad to Take on Notre Dame

After spending several summers working in the U.S. Capitol, in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, Jimmy Murphy ’24 will be heading to Notre Dame Law School in the fall.  

Warner Collier '24

From VMI to Private Equity: Warner Collier ’24

Business and computer science were two industries that Warner Collier ’24 saw opportunity in. Coming to Virginia Military Institute, he wanted to cast as wide of a net as possible, which brought him to major in economics and business, with minors in computer science and cybersecurity.

Jackson Miller '24

Becoming a Research Technician at Johns Hopkins Neurosurgical Lab: Jackson Miller ’24

Jackson Miller ’24 has aspirations of becoming a doctor. The recent graduate from Rockville, Maryland, will be taking a step in that direction as a research technician at the Johns Hopkins Hunterian Neurosurgical Laboratory starting this summer.

Earl Filgo '25

Embarking on an Influential Internship at U.S. Army War College: Earl Filgo ‘25

An internship at the U.S. Army War College was something Earl Filgo ’25 wouldn’t pass up. It was not a particular goal he had been striving for, but something he was required to do to complete his national security minor.  

Michael “Bane” London ’25 investigates the deep-seated history of

Tracing the History of Mob Violence: Investigating American Political Unrest through SURI

With movements like Black Lives Matter and events of January 6, 2021, Michael “Bane” London ’25 had one question — what makes American’s gather like this to get their message across and how far back does it go? 

James ‘Alex’ Baber V ’25

Striving for Financial Advising Success: James ‘Alex’ Baber V ’25

Gaining real world experience was a high priority while attending college for James ‘Alex’ Baber V ’25. The economics and business major from Richmond, Virginia, landed an internship at Tandem Investment Advisors, headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, for the summer. 

Connor Cherry '25

Headed to Army War College: Connor Cherry ’25

The 1st Class cadet and international studies major from Mooresville, North Carolina, will be interning at the U.S. Army War College this summer.  

Cadets in EMT training place a mannequin victim on a gurney before wheeling it to an ambulance. —VMI Photo by Kelly Nye.

Cadet EMTs Train for Mass Casualty Incident

Virginia Military Institute cadets preparing to be post emergency medical technicians (EMTs) underwent mass casualty incident (MCI) training recently.

The Cadet Collective: Benjamin Fong ’27

Finding VMI and all it offers was by chance. While looking at options for college, Benjamin Fong '27 sought out an ROTC scholarship. That meant selecting schools with ROTC options. He clicked Virginia Military Institute but had never heard of it.  

Jackson Miller '24 presents his senior thesis during VMI honors week.

Exploring Moral Dilemmas in Unique Thesis, Linking Dostoyevsky and Star Wars

Jackson Miller ’24 was drawn to a research topic as he approached his 1st Class year with strong philosophical and religious themes. He presented his research "Dostoyevsky and Star Wars: Understanding How Narratives Can Help Us Deepen Our Moral Awareness" during Honors Week in the spring semester.

Jonathan Tumwikirize ’24

From VMI to Pioneering Defense Technologies at DEVCOM: Jonathan Tumwikirize '24

Jonathan Tumwikirize ’24 wanted to gain firsthand experience in a military environment, while also getting his degree. It’s what drew him to Virginia Military Institute and allowed him to explore federal-civilian positions to pursue upon graduation.

Devin Thomas ’24 presented insights into his honors thesis, “War Onset Power Transition Theory.”

Honors Week: Unveiling Key Insights on War Timing in Power Transition Theory

The power transition theory appealed to Devin Thomas '24 due to its focus on power dynamics and systemic changes, which have significant implications for international relations at various levels.

VMI cadets tour

Cadets Experience Nuclear Technology Applications

In addition to course work, VMI's nuclear concentration within the mechanical engineering degree includes two field trips — a fall trip to Dominion Energy’s North Anna nuclear power station in Louisa County, Virginia and a spring trip to Framatome, a nuclear industry supplier in Lynchburg, Virginia.

“Voices of Gratitude” is a touching tribute featuring a few graduating cadets surprising their mentors with letters of gratitude, sharing the impact of guidance, support, and inspiration received during their cadetship.

Voices of Gratitude

“Voices of Gratitude” is a touching tribute featuring a few graduating cadets surprising their mentors with letters of gratitude, sharing the impact of guidance, support, and inspiration received during their cadetship.

The Cadet Collective: The Kleinschusters

“Having my brother here was definitely a perk,” Matthew said. “It was nice to know where I'm going to go, I already have a guaranteed friend. We were best friends growing up.” 

VMI baseball player Ty Swaim '24

Behind the Balance: Ty Swaim ’24 — Keydet Baseball

Ty Swaim '24 based his decision on attending VMI for the opportunity to play baseball, the trust he had with the coaching staff, and the expectations they had for him.

The 4th Class president, vice president, and historian pose for a photo in Memorial Hall after their election.

Elections Mark Next Milestone for VMI's Class of 2027

After breaking out of the Rat Line, the Class of 2027 has taken their next step at the Institute, electing their class president, vice president, and historian.

Six VMI cadets traveled to Italy to participate in a  Law of Armed Conflict Competition.

Cadets Win Record Number of Awards at International Law Competition in Italy

VMI was one of 25 military academies from around the world who participated in the annual Competition on the Law of Armed Conflict in Sanremo, Italy. This year, VMI walked away with five awards, which was the most received by any academy at the competition.

Col. David Gray, director of the CLE, during the seminar series Emerging Leaders held for staff and faculty.

Emerging Leaders Program Fosters VMI Staff Growth

The lecture and seminar series serves as an opportunity for faculty and staff to participate in monthly professional development training. 

Adam Hoffman '24 presents his senior thesis on VMI recruitment during Honors Week.

Honors Week: A Look into VMI Recruiting Efforts

Adam Hoffman '24 presented his thesis “Virginia Military Institute Recruiting: How Cadets found their Way Here” during Honors Week. He saw that VMI had a hard recruiting season for the Class of 2026. His research was aimed to look at the effectiveness of past resources in recruiting.

Honors student Annie Townsend '24 presents her senior thesis on the security and history of barracks.

Honors Week: Barracks Security At VMI

Annie Townsend '24 blended her interest with history, architecture, and security to form her senior thesis, “A Security Analysis of the Virginia Military Institute’s Barracks through the Lens of Infrastructure," which she presented during Honors Week at Virginia Military Institute.

Kaiden Minter ’26, an international studies major, is spending spring semester studying with the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Belgrade in Serbia.

Study Abroad: Minter Studies in Serbia

Kaiden Minter ’26, an international studies major, is spending spring semester studying with the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Belgrade in Serbia.

Students from VMI's Pre-Law Society are able to visit the University of Virginia Law School to learn more.

The Extra Mile: Pre-Law Society

Jon Krueger ’24 is the project manager of the club, which means he’s in charge of organizing events while working with other leadership within the club. In the past, the club has sat in on University of Virginia’s law students’ mock trials as jurors, along with tours of UVA Law School.  

Behind the Balance: Kyle Webster ’24 — Keydet Lacrosse

Leadership and regiment have been ingrained into Kyle Webster ’24 since beginning his time at Virginia Military Institute. In his last semester, he perfected the balance of academics and athletics. Although, he admits it was challenging. 

VMI’s Triathlon Club members test their endurance and teamwork with every pedal, stroke, and stride.

The Extra Mile: Triathlon

Discipline. It’s something that Virginia Military Institute instills in its cadets. Luke Rose ’24 said it’s integral in being part of the triathlon club.  

Devin Bulter, a basketball player at VMI, talks about his experience as a cadet student and athlete.

Behind the Balance: Devin Butler ’24 — Keydet Basketball

Devin Butler ’24 doesn’t remember a time when there wasn’t a basketball in his hands. He may not have been able to dribble it as a baby, but it was there.

The Extra Mile: Arnold Air Society

By joining VMI’s Det 880 Arnold Air Society John P. Jumper Squadron, Nathan “Skye” Van Ness ’25 leadership skills have increased tenfold. The Arnold Air Society (AAS) is a service organization through the Air Force ROTC (AFROTC) that centers on professionalism, honor, and community service.

Water polo co-captain talks about balancing student life, academics, cadet responsibilities, and being a D-1 athlete.

Behind the Balance: Courtney Novotny ’25 — Keydet Women's Water Polo

Courtney Novotny ’25 starts out each week with a plan. Every Sunday she goes over what needs to be done for the coming week. It’s the only way she can stay organized and on target for all her goals, especially since she’s one of the co-captains of the water polo team, handling her classes and more.

The four-day America East Conference Championship was held at Goodall Pool in VMI's Aquatic Center Feb. 14-17.

Keydets Swim and Dive Break Multitude of Records

The VMI Swim and Dive athletes broke 26 program — team, rat, and personal — records during the championship, closing out the 2023-24 season.

Wrestler and student talks about balancing cadet life, academics, and being a D-1 athlete.

Behind the Balance: Tyler Mousaw ’24 — Keydet Wrestling

The cadet regimen has worked out for Tyler Mousaw '24. Plus, being a D1 athlete on VMI’s wrestling team has enabled him to find ways to balance everything.

Virginia Military Institute’s Trap and Skeet Club practices at Mckethan Park.

The Extra Mile: Trap and Skeet Club

Lucas Wood ’24 grew up hunting and target shooting, but it wasn’t until he became friends with Virginia Military Institute’s Trap and Skeet Club cadet in charge that he shot a clay.

Katie Grochalski, part of the VMI Rifle team.

Behind the Balance: Katie Grochalski ’24 — Keydet Rifle

Katie Grochalski ’24 found that rifle served as her own personal time, something that she could devote only to herself. The solid black powder, the popping of rifles, it had a calming effect on her, so much so that she could even fall asleep at the range.  

Sebastian Ramirez '24, part of Marine Company as the Midshipman Company Gunnery Sergeant and physical training instructor.

Midshipmen Moments: Sebastain Ramirez ’24

Sebastian Ramirez ’24 became fond of the challenging lifestyle that came with attending Virginia Military Institute after attending an open house. He said the high standards that cadets endured on a daily basis was something he wanted.

Andrew Granger '24 is a thrower on Virginia Military Institute's Track and Field Team

Behind the Balance: Andrew Granger ’24 — Keydet Track and Field

If anyone knows balance, it’s Andrew Granger ’24. Not just with academics and cadet life, but within his event for track and field.  

Addison Hagan, the midshipmen company commander for the Marine Company at VMI.

Midshipmen Moments: Addison Hagan ’24

Joseph Addison Hagan V ’24 always admired the men in his family who attended Virginia Military Institute. It was a part of his family history he wanted to claim.

Christopher Hicks, part of VMI's Rifle team

Behind the Balance: Christopher Hicks ’24 — Keydet Rifle

Christopher Hicks ’24 takes a deep breath, sets up his sight, braces his weapon, and fires. For Hicks, the sport of rifle is 90% mental. It’s also long and arduous.

VMI's Building BRIDGES Club, which is centered on community service.

The Extra Mile: Building BRIDGES

VMI’s Building BRIDGES Club bridges the gap between VMI cadets, faculty, and staff and the community. Bijon Bose ’24, one of the cadets in charge for the club said he was drawn to serve his community, and helping out the community is just part of being a cadet.  

Behind the Balance: Drew Menges ’25 — Keydet Soccer

When Drew Menges '25 found Virginia Military Institute, it was nearly kismet. By attending VMI, he’d also be able to play soccer for the school while still having the opportunity to pursue serving his country.

VMI NROTC Midshipman participates in a summer assignment in the Pacific Ocean over the 2023 summer on a nuclear warfare ship.

Midshipmen Moments: Rukshana Sarkari ’24

Few people can say they spent their summer aboard a warship in the Pacific Ocean, but Rukshana Sarkari ’24 can.

VMI cadets participating in the Aviation Club, which allows them to take flight and gain hours for their private pilots license.

The Extra Mile: Aviation Club

Virginia Military Institute’s Aviation Club is selective — only eight people can join at a time, because VMI foots the bill for participating cadets to get five hours of flight time towards their private pilot’s license.

VMI cadet Grand Swinehart in Lexington.

Behind the Balance: Grant Swinehart ’24 — Keydet Football

Grant Swinehart knows a lot about dedication and it’s something that VMI head football coach Danny Rocco recognized. Prior to the season, Swinehart was awarded the number 0 which is a new tradition started by Rocco. Each year, number zero will be given to the captain of the special teams.

VMI cadets participate in the golf club

The Extra Mile: Golf Club

Zac Somers ’24 wasn’t hitting his shots the Sunday at a golf tournament. His swings weren’t looking good. The day just felt off. He needed some support to continue on the course.

Behind the Balance: Audrey Davis ’25 — Keydet Soccer

When the days are long and tiring — both exhausting mentally and physically — Audrey Davis '25 said she can’t give up. Cadet-athletes at VMI not only have their responsibilities with their selected sport but cadet duties on top of that.

VMI cadets lifting weights in Cocke Hall part of the powerlifting club.

The Extra Mile: Powerlifting Club

Although it’s an individual sport, the VMI Powerlifting Club is very team-oriented. When someone is going for a personal record (PR), the rest of the club is there to back them up and cheer them on.

Corps Contributions: Laundry Services

Cadets at Virginia Military Institute can drop off their dirty laundry and pick it up just a day or so later. This service is included in their annual fees, and is just another part of what makes VMI not an ordinary college.

VMI cadets receive award plaques at an Army ROTC pistol competition.

Taking Aim: Cadets Bring Home Honors From ROTC Pistol Championship

Members of VMI's Army ROTC Ranger Challenge and Combat Shooting Team recently attended the 2023 College Clash Shoot Out competition hosted by the Virginia National Guard’s Marksmanship Training Unit, with four cadets nabbing top marks.

Students with horses in Lexington, part of the VMI Equestrian Club.

The Extra Mile: Equestrian Club

When a cadet is looking for a unique club experience at the Virginia Military Institute, the equestrian club might just be the perfect fit. David Hess ’24 explained that the club is best known for its blend of riding, training, and trail adventures.

Corps Contributions: Dining Services

Tracy Hiner does a little bit of everything — from managing the dining facilities (Crozet Hall, PX, and The Arsenal), on post to serving up food, and managing a team of 120 employees.

Midshipmen Moments: Samantha Waters ’26

Samantha Waters ’26 chose Virginia Military Institute because she wanted to become the best version of herself.

Cadets Davidson, Fernandez-Grimes, Handford and Osborne pose in front of the SoCon sign at their research event.

Taking Research on the Road: Cadets Attend SoCon Undergraduate Research Forum (SURF)

Thanks to support from the VMI Center for Undergraduate Research, four VMI cadets recently traveled to Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina to present their SURI research projects amongst their Southern Conference (SoCon) peers.

Cadets at VMI participating in the Glee Club

The Extra Mile: Glee Club

Glee club is one of the oldest clubs on post. The club was first listed in the VMI yearbook, The Bomb, back in 1885, where the club performed with vocals, guitars, mandolins, and violins.  

Corps Contributions: The Tailor Shop

It takes three years to train as a tailor in the tailor shop at Virginia Military Institute. Those who work in the shop only work on a certain garment for a certain portion of the year, starting with blouses in the fall.

Alumni and cadets gathered for a networking event at VMI, a military college in Lexington.

Cadet–Alumni Networking Forum Focuses on Opportunities

More than 50 alumni and nearly 1,100 cadets gathered in Memorial Hall and Cocke Hall Saturday, Sept. 29, for the Cadet–Alumni Career Networking Forum, an annual event designed to help cadets take advantage of one of VMI’s top resources: The alumni network.

The VMI Ducks Unlimited Club focuses on conservation

The Extra Mile: Ducks Unlimited

The mission of Ducks Unlimited is to conserve, restore, and manage wetlands and associated habitats for North America’s waterfowl.

Corps Contributions: Barbershop

The VMI Barbershop is busy. Typically a barber completes 20 haircuts a day on cadets, but that number can spike. During busier times of the year, such as when cadets return from furlough, they may do 30-40 cuts a day. 

The Extra Mile: Firefighting Club

Cadets in the VMI Firefighting Club have the option of serving at three different departments — Lexington Fire Department, South River Fire Department, or Kerrs Creek Fire Department. Members of the firefighting club are permitted to volunteer for two days each week.

Good Morning Rome! Cadet’s Study Abroad Experience Turns Into Radio Broadcast

Louis Wiltenmuth ’25, a mechanical engineering major, wanted to get ahead in classes this past summer, while also gaining some cultural experience. What started as a study abroad experience in Rome, turned into him becoming the cadet in charge of the program.   

Corps Contributions: The Military Store

Katherine "Blaine" Noel is the quartermaster at the VMI Military Store, a place which serves as the first stop for rats and cadets to get their uniforms and everything that goes with them at the start of the year.

Parachute team brings patriotism to VMI football game

Retired Army Master Sgt. Chris Malone and two other jumpers are 5,000 feet in the air. It’s a Saturday afternoon and the Keydets are getting ready to play their first football game of the season.

Cadets at VMI, a military college in Lexington, during Matriculation.

Matriculation Reflections: 1st Class Remembers Their Rat Year

Throughout Matriculation Day, the tension grew. Families took their incoming rats through move-in, the matriculation fair, uniform fittings, and their final meal together. Seated in Cameron Hall, a quiet, collective understanding can be felt.

Students at VMI, a military school in Virginia, participate in Cadre Week, before cadets return to campus.

What is Cadre Week?

Cadre Week is an 5-day training event that all cadre and support staff take part in. The week is packed with simulations, training, and planning in preparation for the incoming rats on Matriculation Day.

SURI: Unlocking the Links Between Spanish Poetry and Culture

Caitria Catania ’24 has been studying Spanish for eight years, but after taking a Spanish literature class with Col. John Cerkey this past spring, her love of analyzing Spanish poets grew.

Student at VMI, a military college in Virginia

Creating A Cyber Secure World: John Barker ‘23

Once Virginia Military Institute came into view, John Barker '23 felt a surge of excitement. He had always dreamt of immersing himself in the world of information technology and making a mark in the industry.  

A student doing summer research at VMI, a military college in Virginia

VMI Cadet Researches Precision in Rockets

Brian Tavenner ’25, an electrical and computer engineering major at Virginia Military Institute, is designing and building a fiberglass rocket to reach the exact height of 1,023 feet using a F-engine motor in his five-week SURI project titled,“Target Altitude Project.”

In the Diplomatic World for the Summer: Andrew Weston ’24

Andrew Weston ’24 said he was inspired to dive into the diplomatic world thanks to his father. He also credits his interest in history and international studies to him. It also wasn’t until he had participated in Model United Nations that he found an interest in learning and debating.

Student performing research at Virginia Military Institute, a military college in Virginia

SURI: Heavy Loads and Harsh Environments – The Effects on the Human Body

Caroline Lassalle ’25 has always had a strong desire to learn about exercise science and work in the medical field. The biology major spent five weeks last summer becoming a certified emergency medical technician (EMT) at Virginia Military Institute.

Lawrence Porter ’24 sets up equipment on the Chessie Trail.

SURI: Cadet Tests Serviceability on Chessie Trail Bridge

The Chessie Nature Trail, which runs along the Maury River from Lexington to Buena Vista consists of seven miles of level path including several pedestrian bridges. Lawrence Porter ’24 is examining the serviceability of one of those bridges in his 10-week SURI project.

VMI student at internship

Constructing His Own Experiences: Owen Clifford ’24

Owen Clifford ’24 first began his journey at Virginia Military Institute on an Army scholarship, but due to medical reasons, he wasn’t able to pursue that specific path. Instead, he turned to the private sector.  

Summer Transition Program participants participate in physical training on the VMI track.

Preparing for Success: VMI’s Summer Transition Program Builds Physical Foundations

As the summer heats up, so does the intensity of physical training at Virginia Military Institute. Summer Transition Program (STP) participants are hard at work in morning PT sessions, an essential element in preparing them for the challenges they will face during their first year at VMI.

A student with a professor doing research at VMI, a military college in Virginia

SURI: Transformational Leadership Among VMI Cadets and the Psychological Motivation Link

Leadership is one of the foundations of Virginia Military Institute. The concept is something Anthony Cruz Fernandez-Grimes ’25 is exploring for his summer research project.  

Preparing for life in and after the military: Katie Lloyd ’23

Katie Lloyd ’23, an international studies major from Caroline County, Virginia, commissioning into active duty with the U.S. Marine Corps was always the plan. But her time at VMI was crucial for expanding knowledge and skills and finding her specific area of interest. 

VMI alumnus part of the cavalry in the US Army

VMI Alumnus Has ‘Best Job Ever’ as Commander in the Cavalry

Capt. Michael Gates’ ’17 former Virginia Military Institute roommate refers to him as the modern-day Teddy Roosevelt. Gates said that was a bit of an exaggeration and joked he could never be at Teddy Roosevelt’s caliber. 

Study abroad students - cadets from VMI - pose with prototype electric vehicle in Italy.

When in Rome: Excursions for Engineering Summer Study Abroad

A field trip to the NATO Defense College and test driving a prototype electric three-wheel vehicle? All in a week’s work for cadets participating in the VMI Engineering Summer Study Abroad program in Rome.

Two students doing undergraduate research at Virginia Military Institute, a military college in Virginia.

SURI: Two VMI Cadets Assist Local United Way

Brijesh Regeti ’24, a major, and Talli Tarring ’24, a major, worked together on their five-week project titled, “Data Analysis of United Way Donors” to research ways the organization can attract new donors.

A student conducting research over the summer at VMI, a military college in Virginia.

SURI: Exploring the Effects of Nicotine on Antidepressants in Betta Fish

Ellie Pickford '24 stood before a small glass tank, peering intently at the colorful Betta fish swimming within. Her summer research project was well underway, and she was determined to unlock the mysteries behind the interactions between nicotine and antidepressants. 

A Passion for National Defense: Kevin Linko ’23

Kevin Linko ’23, a physics major from Princeton, New Jersey, minored in mathematics and astronomy. Soon he will begin his professional career with CACI, a company that provides expertise and technology to customers in support of national security missions and government transformation.  

A student doing summer research at VMI, a military college in Virginia

SURI: VMI Cadet Examines First Amendment Rights for Military Members

Riley Malone ’25, a history major at Virginia Military Institute is examining the government policy on service members, and how their First Amendment rights have changed from 1900 to the present in his 10-week SURI project titled, “True Faith and Allegiance: The First Amendment in the Military.”   

Students from VMI, a military college in Virginia, visit in Israel

VMI Cadets and Peers Enjoy Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip to Israel

Cadets from Virginia Military Institute joined peers from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the Royal Military College Saint-Jean in Canada for a two-week Israel Strategy & Policy Tour (I-SAP) held June 2 through 17.

Striving for Political Greatness: Jimmy Murphy ’24

Jimmy Murphy ’24 has been working the past two summers in the U.S. Capitol, jumping between the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. The international studies major and national security minor took his first internship the summer of 2021 as a legislative intern.

Students part of VMI's Promaji chapter during a meeting.

The Extra Mile: Promaji

To better understand VMI, and navigate the Institute as a Black cadet, students assembled to build what is now known as “Promaji.”

Student doing summer undergraduate research at VMI, a military college in Virginia

SURI: Exploring the Link Between Athletes, Family Influence, and Anxiety Scores

This summer, Caragh Osborne ‘24 is conducting a study focused on anxiety symptom scores among athletes and non-athletes, examining the impact of family influence on the decision to attend college and its potential correlation with anxiety levels.  

Post Briefs with Marshall statue

Post Briefs, June 2023

Members of the VMI community continue to take their talents beyond the classroom to showcase their unique talents, competitive spirit, and commitment to military training.

Students part of Ranger Challenge at VMI, a military college in Virginia

The Extra Mile: Ranger Challenge

Have you ever wondered what a mix of Army ROTC and a varsity sport would be? You’d get the Army ROTC Ranger Challenge team, which is a club at Virginia Military Institute.  

Post Briefs with Marshall statue

Post Briefs, May 2023

Members of the VMI community continue to expand academic opportunity and impact across various fields of study. Recent activities include honor society inductions, ethics bowl competition, and collaborations in cyber research.

Students part of yearbook at VMI, a military college in Virginia

The Extra Mile: Yearbook Club

James Burns ’23 and his team spend the year scouring post for memories. They come in the form of pictures, words, moments, and more. From the Rat Challenge, Breakout to Ring Figure and graduation, the VMI yearbook, “The Bomb,” takes a snapshot in time that can be memorialized forever.

Students part of the Drone Club at VMI, a military college in Virginia

The Extra Mile: Drone Club

The club has a membership total of three to five cadets. Most members of the club are also computer science majors. This common trait presents difficulties when cadets have overlapping group study sessions and cannot make it to the club meeting time.

Students in the Theater Club performing at VMI, a military college in Virginia

The Extra Mile: Theatre Club

Tori Wright ’24 was looking for anything to escape COVID-19 on post as a rat. The catch — there were not a lot of activities for rats to join due to the amount of work that was required of them in the Rat Line. Nevertheless, Virginia Military Institute’s Cadet Theatre was one she could.  

Students from VMI, a military college in Virginia, participating in an International Competition on the Law of Armed Conflict

VMI Team Wins Awards at International Competition on the Law of Armed Conflict

A team of cadets enjoyed success when it traveled to Sanremo, Italy, in late March to participate in the annual International Competition on the Law of Armed Conflict. The competition draws cadets from military academies all over the world.

Students from VMI work a computer controlled golf cart on the military school's campus in Lexington, Virginia

Computer-Controlled Golf Cart Designed by Cadets Debuts at VMI

Cadets at Virginia Military Institute recently demonstrated a computer-controlled golf cart to assist those who have trouble with mobility. The idea came about when the VMI Alumni Association got requests for golf cart transportation around post during reunions.  

Student in the swimming pool for Scuba Club at VMI, a military school in Virginia

The Extra Mile: Scuba Club

When thinking of a military college in Southwest Virginia, the VMI Scuba Club is probably not on anyone’s radar. Surprisingly, cadets have applied this fun club to real-life experiences and necessary job training.  

Student conducting research in Israel with the Department of Biology at VMI, a military college in Virginia

Soybean Research Project Taken Abroad During Spring Furlough

Entering Virginia Military Institute, Chris Kushner ’24 signed up for a Biology 111 class with Col. Anne Alerding. Little did he know that when he was asked to join a research project, it would be something he would continue throughout his time at VMI. 

Students part of the hockey team at VMI, a military college in Virginia

The Extra Mile: Hockey Club

Since it’s a club sport, anyone can play on the VMI Hockey Team — even with little-to-no experience. In order to play a game though, you have to try out for the line. Only 22 can be put on the roster.

Students at a swim class at VMI, a military college in Virginia

Swim Classes Are Historic Part of VMI

Cadets are required to take swimming classes — a requirement that sets VMI apart from other colleges and universities, Col. James Coale, head of the Department of Human Performance & Wellness (HPW), said.

VMI rugby players tackle opponent.

The Extra Mile: Rugby

In the game of rugby, 15 numbers on the field represent the different jobs of 15 players. Passing, catching, and tackling are the basic skills required of each player on the VMI Rugby team. The team is one of the most diverse and oldest club teams on post.

Student presenting at Honors Week at VMI, a military college in Virginia

Microfinance as Tool to Reduce Global Poverty: VMI Cadet Presents During Honors Week

Brandon Marks ’23, an international studies major at Virginia Military Institute, conducted a two-year-long research project on microfinance, and presented his findings in his senior thesis titled, “The Impact of Domestic Context on Microfinance Provision and Effectiveness” during Honors Week, held

Student at VMI's Cyber Club, a military college in Virginia

The Extra Mile: Cyber Club

VMI’s Cyber Club boasts 104 members, making it one of the largest club organizations on post. And it hasn’t been around for long — it started in 2017. 

Student presenting at Honors Week at VMI, a military college in Virginia

VMI Cadet Researches Physical Fitness Motivation

Philip Argauer ’23 conducted a year-long research project on cadet motivation with physical fitness and presented his findings in his senior thesis titled, “Increased Physical Fitness With Volt” during Honors Week, held March 20-28.  

Two students, known as cadets, at VMI enjoy a hot dog event in Crozet Hall celebrating MLB opening day.

Baseball Opening Day Welcomed with Event in Crozet

To celebrate the opening day of Major League Baseball, several employees joined forces to prepare, plan, and produce a hot dog bar in Crozet Hall. As a fan of the MLB and ballpark fare, Tracy Hiner, Parkhurt Dining general manager, worked with a team to produce a new experience for cadets.

Student giving honors presentation at VMI, a military college in Virginia

VMI Cadet Strives to Comfort Parents of Hearing Impaired Children

Binh Tran ’23 is working to help parents of children with hearing impairments, and presented his research in his senior thesis. The goal of this multi-student project is to develop an app to help parents of hearing impaired children perceive the same sense of hearing that their children hear.

Student presenting during Honors Week at VMI, a military college in Virginia

Dyslexic Cadet Focuses Research on ADHD and Dyslexia for Honors Week Presentation

Claire Curtis focused her Honors Week discussion on two fairly common learning differences: ADHD, which is characterized by hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsiveness; and dyslexia, a disorder personal to Curtis, and characterized by issues in reading, writing, and understanding written language.

Student presenting during Honors Week at VMI, a military college in Virginia

Guns for Hire: Honors Research Explores Use of Private Military Companies

Nick Schaefer ’23, an international studies major, minoring in national security, focused his research project on finding a pattern of behavior that leads to the use of private military companies.

Student, part of VMI's Boxing Club, at the nationals competition held at the military college in Virginia

Three VMI Boxing Club Members Receive Awards for Academic and Athletic Excellence

VMI Boxing took to the ring for the USIBA 2023 National Tournament March 23 through 25 bringing home several accolades — for their sporting and academic endeavors.

Student part of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club at VMI, a military college in Virginia

The Extra Mile: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club

Cadet Audrianna Kelly '25 aspired to get physically stronger and find more ways to defend herself to help aid her in her future military career. That’s when she found VMI’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Club as a rat.

Students at VMI, a military college in Virginia, performing a play

Oddly Unordinary: How this Theatre Production Showcases VMI’s Clubs

Cadet Matthew Frazier and the cast of “The Odd Couple” just closed out their production Sunday, March 26. For Frazier and fellow castmate Cadet Ted Harris ‘23, this was their last VMI Theatre production.   

Student presenting during Honors Week at VMI, a military college in Virginia

Starting at the Drawing Board: Cadet Research Focuses on Infrastructure

Colin Butler '23 started his research where most research starts — at the drawing board. He conducted a year-long research project on concrete support beams. He presented his findings in his senior thesis titled, “High Strength Fiber Reinforce Concrete and its Application in Composite Beams.”

Student giving honors presentation at VMI, a military college in Virginia

Honors Week: One Cadet’s Connection to the Greek Resistance

Cadet Chris Cocoris ‘23 remembers growing up listening to stories about his great-uncle George Cocoris. They were passed down to his father since his great-uncle had passed before Cocoris was born. George joined the Greek resistance to oppose the Axis occupation in 1941 Greece, Cocoris said.   

Cadet presenting honors thesis at VMI, a military college in Virginia

Cybersecurity: VMI Honors Cadet Explains How Cyber-Attacks Affect Physical Infrastructure

“You cannot manage what you cannot see,” said Cadet Dominick Lalena '23, to illustrate the necessity of visibility in cybersecurity. “Every time you go online, you enter the cyber realm. For security purposes, an organization should be able to see who enters their cyber space.”

Students part of the Marathon Club at VMI, a military college in Virginia

The Extra Mile: Marathon Club

At VMI, cadets that join the Marathon Club dedicate many hours of their lives to training for a single race.

The Extra Mile: Cadet Emergency Medical Technicians

The unofficial EMT program stems back to the 1990s, with a group of about five to six cadets. In the spring of 2016, it became certified by the state as a non-transport emergency medical service (EMS) agency.

Female Cadets Participate in Physics Conference at Princeton

Four cadets participated in the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics at Princeton University in January. Grace Waters ‘23, Talli Tarring ‘24, Abby Fiorillo ‘25 and Angelina Garcia ‘25 were the four in attendance and are all members of the Women in Science Engineering (WiSe) group at VMI.

VMI Cadets Train with Shaolin Kung Fu Master

Virginia Military Institute welcomed kung fu master Heng Yue and his students from the Shaolin Temple Culture Center in Herndon Sunday, March 5 in Marshall Hall.

The Extra Mile: Boxing Club

After a hiatus due to COVID-19, the club — dubbed The Regulators — took to nationals last year sweeping the competition. This year, they aim to do it again.  

The Extra Mile: Combat Shooting Team

The combat shooting club team, currently consisting of 13 cadets, meets every Tuesday and Thursday at a location known as “the barn” at North Post.

'Finding a Calling’ Forum Shines Light on the Joy of Teaching From Two Alumni

Two alumni speakers spoke of their love of teaching for Virginia Military Institute’s Department of English, Rhetoric, and Humanistic Studies (ERHS) Alumni Forum, “Finding a Calling” held Feb. 20 in Scott Shipp Hall.

VMI students, known as cadets, work with an area middle school math student as part of a problem-solving program at a military college in Virginia.

VMI Hosts Middle School Math Day

Since 2013, VMI’s Department of Applied Mathematics has hosted events for area middle and high school students to work with faculty and cadets on problem-solving.

Virginia Military Institute's Spring 2023 Engineering Networking & Internship Fair — an engineering-centered event — was held in Preston Library Feb. 14, 2023.

VMI Holds Engineering-Centered Networking and Internship Fair

Virginia Military Institute's Spring 2023 Engineering Networking & Internship Fair — an engineering-centered event — was held in Preston Library Feb. 14, 2023.

VMI Cadet Leadership feature image with headshot of regimental commander, Cadet Blake Smith '23

Regimental Commander Fights for the Vulnerable

Blake Smith ’23, an economics and business major and this year’s regimental commander, has a moving story behind his success. He did not achieve the highest-ranking position a cadet can earn without inspiration, and that inspiration comes from his sister Ashley.

Cadet Carter Hugate '24 holds VMI flag at Army Airborne School

Cadet Successfully Completes Army Airborne School

Carter Hugate ’24, a civil engineering major from Chesterfield, Virginia, is the second cadet to qualify for and successfully complete the Army Airborne School in Fort Benning, Georgia.

Tommy Lees '24 at Special Forces Underwater Operations School

Lees graduates from Army Combat Diver Course

CDQC is a 6-week course, known by many as one of the most challenging and selective qualifications in the United States military. On top of being physically and academically demanding, combat divers are required to work extremely well as members of a team and under high pressure situations.

VMI logo with text 'Academic News' over photo of library

Cadets in Technical Writing and Statics Courses Collaborate on Design for Humanity Projects

Through ongoing interviews and discussions, cadets in ERH 314 learned about and translated mechanical designs developed by the mechanical engineering cadets for open-source reports accessible to engineering departments at other colleges and universities.

Milenski and Bailey standing in front of fireplace flanked by two suits of armor

An Overseas Connection to the Corps

During an exchange program at the University of Salford, John “Jack” Milenski ’24 visited the Great Hall of Edinburgh castle thanks to an invite from a descendant of a VMI alumnus.

Christopher M. Hulburt ’22, valedictorian of the Class of 2022 at Virginia Military Institute, speaking during commencement,.

Valedictorian Hulburt Addresses Graduates

Christopher M. Hulburt ’22, valedictorian of the Class of 2022 at Virginia Military Institute, spoke during commencement, of what brought his fellow cadets and himself to VMI, and what kept them at VMI, and the importance of attributes like honor, duty, excellence, and integrity.

Drone photo of Post

Cadet Discusses Future Road Funding at VMI

Most modern highways and roads are primarily funded through taxes paid at the gas pump, but with the increasing popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles, how will roads be funded in the future? Drew P. Melusen ’22 proposed alternative solutions in his senior thesis.

Christopher M. Hulbert ’22 presents his senior thesis: “Unearthed Contributors: African-Americans at Virginia Military Institute, 1839-1851

Cadet Highlights Earliest African-American Contributions at VMI

In his senior thesis “Unearthed Contributors: African-Americans at Virginia Military Institute, 1839-1851,” Christopher M. Hulbert ’22 argues that enslaved African-Americans and free people of color in Rockbridge County were equally influential as Smith and Preston.

Rachael Dickenson ’22 presents senior thesis on soybean cultivars during Honors Week.

Soybean Research at VMI

There are so many uses for soybeans. In fact, soybean yield was the subject of the senior thesis “Performance of Soybean Cultivars in Varying Rural Virginia Sites: Effect of Site Characteristics on Shoot Structure and Yield” presented by Rachael Dickenson ’22, during Honors Week at VMI.

Michael M. Hoffmann ’22 presents his senior thesis on The Cultural Renaissance of the Post-Vietnam Army.

Cadet Researches The Cultural Renaissance of the Post-Vietnam Army

Has the Army improved since the Vietnam war? Has it acknowledged and corrected the mistakes made? Michael M. Hoffmann ’22, who commands the 1st Battalion within the Corps of Cadets at Virginia Military Institute, believes it has and defended his thesis during Honors Week.

Leon Thomas presents his senior thesis.

Honors Presentation Focuses on Conflict Predictability

Is it possible to know which country will start the next war? Leon M. Thomas ’22 posed this question as the basis of his senior thesis: “Democracies and Autocracies: Structural Factors that Determine Military Interventions” and presented his findings during honors week, held March 21-31.

Air Force ROTC cadets during 2022 spring field training exercises 70 feet in the air in the Corps Physical Training Facility

Cadets Conquer Challenges During 2022 Spring Field Training Exercises

Cadets conquered many challenges on and off post during 2022 spring field training exercises (FTX).

VMI cadet drives vehicle built for Baja SAE competition.

Cadets Harness Skills and Academics for Competition

A team of 26 mechanical engineering cadets bring their skills to the Baja Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) vehicle design competition at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Portrait photo of Alex Rodriguez '22 in class dyke

Cadet Utilizes Career Services for Success

“As VMI cadets, we are sought after for our leadership, discipline, and integrity. These are qualities that are simply not reliably found at other schools.”

Team portrait of 2021-22 VMI club rugby team.

Club Rugby Seeks National Title

The VMI men’s club rugby team has dominated their conference this season, going 6-2 in the fall and 4-0 in the spring. Now they have their sights set on a national championship.

Maria Korsnick, president and CEO of Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)

Expert Discusses Essential Role for Nuclear Energy

Maria Korsnick, president and CEO of Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) in Washington, D.C., recently visited the Department of Mechanical Engineering and underscored the essential role for nuclear energy.

Cadets and instructors at firing range

Cadets Work Towards Proficiency

Since November, several cadets have been working toward the German Armed Forced Proficiency Badge (GAFPB), a decoration which requires the completion of six physical and military events.

VMI and Citadel Army ROTC cadets group photo

Cadets Partner with Citadel for Military Skills Competition

Eight cadets from VMI, two from each class, traveled to Charleston and competed against the Citadel’s team. A series of challenging events and exercises, the competition was designed to foster camaraderie and showcase the best of each institution.

VMI Combat Shooting Team takes aim at targets.

Combat Shooting Club Team Makes Strong Showing

The VMI combat shooting club team represented the Institute at the annual Relentless Warrior Competition hosted by the Sig Sauer Academy in New Hampshire on April 9. At the event, the team competed against federal and senior military colleges in a six-stage combat shooting challenge.

U.S. Coast Guard HH-60 helicopter on parade ground

First Coast Guard Detachment FTX Kicks Off in Style

VMI’s Coast Guard detachment kicked off their first ever spring field training exercises with the arrival of a USCG HH-60 helicopter to post.

Carson Knox ’22 explored the relationship between writing and philosophy in his senior thesis presentation: “Nostromo and Schopenhauer’s Sublime”.

VMI Cadet Researches Link between Philosophy and Literature

Where does an author get his inspiration to write a fictional novel? How does an author develop character traits and personalities? Are writers and the work they create influenced by philosophers? Carson Knox ’22 explored the relationship between writing and philosophy in his senior thesis.

Tanner Mallari ’22 presents his senior thesis, “Evaluation of Crowdsourcing Applications in Disaster Relief.”

VMI Cadet Researches Disaster Relief

Crowdsourcing, which is enlisting the help of a large pool of people, has historically been a valuable way to help with disaster relief. Tanner Mallari ’22 researched that subject in his senior thesis, “Evaluation of Crowdsourcing Applications in Disaster Relief”, during Honors Week at VMI.

Glee Cub members in Puerto Rico Spring 2022

Glee Club Takes Their Craft Abroad

The VMI Glee Club represented the arts for the Institute and enjoyed beautiful weather in Puerto Rico over spring furlough. The group escaped a Virginia snowstorm when they departed from Roanoke Saturday, March 12, and within a day they were at the beach of Luquillo, Puerto Rico.

Kirsten Engel ’22, Glen Lash ’22, and Ryan Carpino ’23 at the U.S. Air Force Academy with backdrop of mountains

Cadets Participate in U.S. Air Force Academy Symposium

Three VMI cadets recently attended the U.S. Air Force Academy’s 2022 National Character and Leadership Symposium in Colorado. The conference’s theme this year was “Ethics and Respect for Human Dignity,” and the event featured several keynote speakers and sessions.

Portrait of S.A. Cobsy over photo of Marshall Hall at night

Bestselling Writer S.A. Cosby to Visit Post for Reading and Q&A

Cadets across post will have an opportunity to visit with award-winning, New York Times bestselling writer S.A. Cosby, from Southeastern Virginia. The visit was arranged by LTC Mary Stewart Atwell, an associate professor in the department of English, Rhetoric, and Humanistic Studies.

Members of the VMI Club Pistol Team at the range

Club Pistol Team Carries on a Long Tradition

An Olympic sport, VMI has competed in pistol shooting in different forms since 1932. The current iteration of the team was formed in 2011 and is coached by Reece McCormick. Cadets fire two main types of pistols: air-powered pistols firing a .117 caliber pellet and .22 caliber pistols.

Julian Kim ’24

Support System at VMI Key to Cadet Success

As he looks ahead to completing his time at VMI, Kim hopes future cadets remember to focus on what is important and “find that balance between academics, physical fitness, and free time.”

Noah Goldsmith ’22 presenting research completed with John Barker ’22

Cadets Present Research to ACM International Conference on Advanced Information Science and System

Noah Goldsmith ’22 recently presented research completed with John Barker ’23 in the ACM International Conference on Advanced Information Science and System (AISS 2021) hosted in Sanya, China, guided by Dr. Youna Jung, associate professor of computer information sciences.

Cadets taking Civil Engineering 121  practice flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or “drones”) used in surveying and mapping.

Civil Engineering in the Field

Cadets taking Civil Engineering 121, Surveying, took a field trip to McKethan Park before Thanksgiving furlough to practice flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or “drones”) used in surveying and mapping.

Leon Thomas '22

Rigors of VMI Education Prepare Cadets for Commissioning

“There's so much knowledge here,” Leon Thomas '22 commented. “There's all this different military experience from different branches that you really would never have seen in many other places.”

Jack McCown '24 and family of alumni from Fall 2021

Photo from Alumni Reunion Reflects Family Legacy

Every picture tells a story, and this picture from an alumni reunion this fall depicts the VMI legacy of the McCown family. Originally from Lexington, Virginia, members of the McCown family have attended VMI since the 1920s.

Claire Lee '22

Parade Offers Insight and Encouragement to Attend

Her senior year of high school, Claire Lee '22 attended an open house to see what post was like, and as she put it, “The parade really got me. I fell in love with the whole system of VMI: the brotherhood, the discipline people are required to learn, the structure."

Mitchell Masterson '21 and his mentor, Maj. Jochen S. Arndt

Cadet Presents Research at Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference for Undergraduate Scholarship

Mitchell Masterson '21 and his mentor, Maj. Jochen S. Arndt, travelled recently to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference for Undergraduate Scholarship, where Masterson presented his work on "Reporting on Civil War: How Newspapers Explained Township Violence in South Africa, 1990-1994."

William Wallace ’22, Dane Hamilton ’22, and Kelly Rollison ’22 greet prospective cadets and their families in Lejeune Hall during Open House Oct. 15.—VMI Photo by Kelly Nye.

Overnight Visits Return to Open Houses

As the world adapts to an environment of managing COVID-19 risk, VMI admissions staff have been able to bring back a staple of pre-pandemic life—overnight visits by prospective cadets—but with safeguards in place.

Tanner Mallari ’22

CIS Major Presents at International Conference

Tanner Mallari ’22, a computer and information sciences major, recently presented at the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE 2021).

Members of VMI Running Club posing with awards.

Recent Success for Members of Running Club

Cadets part of the running club at VMI have found much success at recent races in southwest Virginia. Club members ran in both the Chessie Nature Trail races and Harvest Hustle races, with many cadets running personal best times.

Members of the Mateja family pose at their tailgating tent during the 2021 Family Weekend on post. —VMI Photo by H. Lockwood McLaughlin

Family Weekend Returns in Full Force

Maybe it was because Family Weekend was canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the Family Weekend festivities on post held Oct. 8-10 seemed livelier than ever.

Kasey Meredith ’22 and Kathryn Christmas, Citadel regimental commander, exchange momento covers at the Citadel.—VMI Photo by Eric Moore.

Leading Side-By-Side

Many ceremonious events at VMI have a face and a voice. They’re often that of Maj. Gen. Cedric T. Wins ’85, superintendent, or Kasey Meredith ’22, this year’s regimental commander. The VMI community has become familiar with Meredith from events like Matriculation Day and parades.

Cadets Michael Hoffmann ’22 and Christopher Soo ’22—VMI Photo by Eric Moore

Among the Top Cadets in the Nation

Cadets Michael Hoffmann ’22 and Christopher Soo ’22 have been recognized by Army ROTC Cadet Command as top cadets in the nation, with Hoffmann ranking No. 5 and Soo No. 7.

Col. M. Houston Johnson V, professor of history, speaks to William Rich ’23 during the Constitution Day event held in Marshall Hall Sept. 20.—VMI Photo by H. Lockwood McLaughlin.

Constitution Day Event: A Review of the Historic and the Complex

On Monday, Sept. 20, the history department, in conjunction with the English department, sponsored a Constitution Day event supporting VMI’s emerging Constitutional history program. Constitution Day, which commemorates the signing of the U.S. Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787, is observed on post and

Cadets select toppings for their nachos at Foster Stadium

Food Service Changes Focus on Convenience

As with everything else at VMI this fall, food service has undergone numerous changes in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Savanah Diamond ’22, one of VMI’s many cadet EMTs, applies sunscreen to a rat during Matriculation Week.—VMI Photo by Mary Price.

‘It’s a People Game’: Cadet EMTs, Now Approaching Record Number, Help Those in Need

Easily recognizable in their navy blue shirts, VMI’s cadet emergency medical technicians (EMTs) seem to be everywhere at certain times of the year. During Matriculation Week, some of them are working almost 18 hours a day as the new cadets and their cadre train in the August heat.

Todd Pegg gives the oath at a ceremony

Pegg Named Commander of National Guard Unit

This year, Lt. Col. Todd Pegg '92 added a new level of responsibility to his already full plate when he assumed duties as commander of the Virginia National Guard’s 329th regional support group.

A picture of Even Rogers and Sydney Linden

A moment of leadership leads to a spark

The United States Space Force Captain Even Rogers ’10 typically flies from Colorado to Arizona when visiting his family, but the small plane he has was in the shop. Isn’t that how all stories of fate begin?

Thomas Muldowney '21 is shown in front of his laptop computer.

Determining What Helps Migrants Integrate

This summer, Thomas Muldowney ’21 is working on a research project that involves a lot of number crunching— finding out which policies benefit people.

Josie Freeman '23 works on her laptop computer

SURI Project Seeks Motivation for Memes

“Memes are just an interesting concept.” That’s what Josie Freeman ’23 has to say about her Summer Undergraduate Research Institute project, “Motivation for Memes.”

Participants from Career Services Webinars. From top left: LTC Ammad Sheikh, Director of Career Services, Tyler Lighton '15, Reunion Giving Officer at VMI Alumni Agencies, MAJ Sara Blake, Assistant Director of Career Services, Jamaal Walton ’07, Associate AD for External Operations at College of Charleston Athletics Department

Webinars Show the Way: Class of 2020 Has Job Search Assistance Available

As graduation loomed for the Class of 2020, and the U.S. unemployment rate rose, the VMI Alumni Agencies and the Office of Career Services began to work together to bolster new graduates’ chances of job-hunting success.

The tick rover is shown with new wings

Tick Rover Goes Global

The tick rover, a longtime project for Col. Jim Squire, professor of electrical and computer engineering, has won a national award. Additionally, the VMI team beat out teams from several nationally recognized research universities and is headed to the international stage.

A large crane is shown in front of construction to Scott Shipp Hall

New Projects Highlight Summer Construction Schedule

This summer, work will begin on three construction projects, while work continues or nears completion on a multitude of others.

Four cadets hold up a VMI flag in Lithuania

A Global Connection

This spring, 35 cadets were on study-abroad programs when the pandemic hit. By March 23, all had safely returned to the United States. At first, it wasn’t clear that they were going to have to leave their host country—and many didn’t want to leave until they absolutely had to.

Tinni Sen took a screenshot of her asynchronous class on Zoom

‘Focus on What is Best for Cadets’: Faculty Adapt to Distance Learning Environment

For the first time in history, VMI started holding online classes by the end of Spring Furlough. Leading the charge was Brig. Gen. Bob Moreschi, dean of faculty, and the entire faculty and staff at VMI.

Four graphs display the supply of toilet paper over time

Toilet Paper Shortage Illustrates Economic Theory

The toilet paper shortage engendered by the coronavirus pandemic provided one VMI economics professor with a real-world example of a supply chain issue that’s affected nearly every American.

A female cadet talks with a representative from the Peace Corps during a career fair

How to Kick-Start Your Career This Summer

It may feel strange job or internship searching during this “coronavirus economy," however the VMI Office of Career Services has some ideas for a productive summer.

An exterior view of the old VMI hospital in 1890

Epidemics and the Corps of Cadets

This will be the longest the Corps has been away from Lexington since the Civil War, according to Col. Keith Gibson, director of VMI Museums. Gibson recalled VMI's history with epidemics starting with typhoid fever in 1845

The Keydet Invitational competes in the Corps Physical Training Facility

Busiest Winter to Date in the CPTF

For the third year in a row, the Corps Physical Training Facility serves as the site for the Southern Conference Indoor Track and Field Championships Feb. 29-Mar. 1 in Lexington.

A picture of Col. Howard Sanborn

Fulbright Offers Firsthand Glimpse at Struggle for Democracy

When Col. Howard Sanborn received the notice in the spring that he’d been selected for a Fulbright award allowing him to teach in Hong Kong for the fall 2019 semester, he knew that rumblings of civil unrest were beginning, but that didn't stop him.

A compilation picture of David Souliotis, Preston Duff, and Mark Reilly

‘Leave a Mark on Your Alma Mater’: Alumni Construction Professionals See a New Side of VMI

This academic year, construction equipment and noise seem to be everywhere on post, as renovations continue to both Preston Library and Scott Shipp Hall. Many of those working on these projects, of course, were unacquainted with VMI before their work brought them here.

Lt. Col. Ammad Sheikh, director of Career Services, speaks with career fair attendees

‘A 40-Year Marathon’: Career Services Director Emphasizes a Life Plan

Lt. Col. Ammad Sheikh, who’s now in his second year as director of career services, has a different goal: helping all cadets develop a life plan that will sustain them not only economically but mentally and emotionally throughout their working life.

Kirk Ring ’21 and Grace McDonald ’21 are shown addressing students in a classroom.

‘An Engaging and Exciting Middle Ground’: English Fieldwork Partners Cadets with Student Writers

Grace McDonald ’21 and Kirk Ring ’21 are making weekly trips to Rockbridge County High School, where they assist Annie Knepper, chair of the RCHS English department, with marketing, publicity, and tutoring support at the school’s fledgling writing center. Their work at RCHS fulfills the fieldwork re

Al Hockaday sits at a table with Max Gallahan, VMI Class of 2020

Cadet Project Explores African-American Experience in Vietnam

This summer, Maxwell Gallahan ’20 hasn’t just been studying history. He’s been helping to create a historical record. Gallahan, a history major, has been working on a project, “African-American Vietnam War Veterans and the Civil Rights Movement.”

Col. Turk McCleskey, professor of history, poses with historical interpreters at the Williamsburg Courthouse.

History, Engineering Collaboration Produces New Findings about Colonial Virginia

What happens when a history professor meets an electrical engineer? At most schools, the answer might very well be “nothing.” But at VMI, the answer is a successful collaboration that’s been going on for over a decade and has now resulted in the publication of four scholarly articles.

A students stands with a Zimbabwean man holding two certificates

Passion for Research Takes Cadet to Zimbabwe

It’s not unusual for a highly motivated cadet to have a passion for research—or for a cadet to be willing to travel to do that research. But a passion so strong that it involves 44 hours on an airplane? Now that’s unusual.

Three faculty members talk with three Aseshi University members

‘Holistic, Mutual Benefit’ Seen With African Partnership

A soon-to-be-signed memorandum of understanding between VMI and Ashesi University in Berekuso, Ghana, will allow a variety of collaborative projects to flourish between the two schools.

A cadet stands in front of a class
Cadets study a map of Aramco’s oil fields in Saudi Arabia

Trip to Saudi Arabia Provides Glimpse of Modern, Ancient Ways

In late November, three cadets and a faculty member took advantage of an unusual opportunity: an all-expenses-paid trip to Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Florence Martin speaks during the Tournées Film Festival

Tournées Film Festival Brings French Cinema to Post

Founded in 1995, the Tournées Film Festival has a goal of bringing French cinema to American audiences—and this November, for the first time ever, the festival came to VMI, with six films being shown from Nov. 7-16.

Two cadets and professor demonstrate virtual reality equipment
Cadet and professor look at laptop
Aaron Causey ’20 presents his research on “Hybrid Disaster Response System Using Web of Things” at an international cybersecurity conference

Causey Represents VMI at iiWAS2019

In early December, Aaron Causey ’20 quietly racked up a remarkable achievement: becoming the first cadet majoring in computer science at VMI to present his research at an international conference.

Maj. Kevin Braun watches as Noelle Heilpern ’23 prepares a pottery sherd for analysis

From Incan Pots to Forged Checks

“Chemistry can answer a lot of questions.” So says Maj. Kevin Braun, who was still in college when he discovered that a career in chemistry could allow him to deepen his interests in archaeology, anthropology, and forensics.

Participants in the College Orientation Workshop (COW) program work on their physical fitness in Cormack Hall.

Psychology Professors Investigate the Success of College Orientation Workshop

For over three decades, the College Orientation Workshop (COW), a program meant to encourage high school-age minority males to attend college, has been held on the VMI post each summer. The program is led by Gene Williams ’74, the first African-American to serve on the VMI BOV.

A group of cadets look at a virtual image of the human body

Anatomy Class Makes Virtual Dissection Possible

The Anatomage Table, which is meant for the study of the human body and virtual dissection, is “kind of like a giant iPad,” explained Darren Ostrander ’20, one of the first cadets to use the table. Ostrander, along with five other cadets, is enrolled in PE 274 class, human anatomy.

From legislative intern to Virginia Military Institute graduate, the next step for Jimmy Murphy ’24 is law school.   After spending several summers working in the U.S. Capitol, in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, Murphy will be heading to Notre Dame Law School in the fall.

Onto Law School: Recent International Studies Grad to Take on Notre Dame

From legislative intern to Virginia Military Institute graduate, the next step for Jimmy Murphy ’24 is law school. After spending several summers working in the U.S. Capitol, in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, Murphy will be heading to Notre Dame Law School in the fall.

VMI: Forging 21st Century Leaders