Clubs and Activities

VMI cadets participate in many extracurricular activities and clubs that offer opportunities to serve, compete, explore diverse interests, master new skills, and engage with others.


Current Options for Cadets


Arnold Air Society logo circle showing a star between two wings


Arnold Air Society is a service organization for Air Force ROTC cadets

Aviation Club single engine airplane propeller photo circle


Aviation Club offers cadets aviation related activities and helps gain experience in operating single-engine piston airplanes

Ballroom Dancing Club cadets dancing photo circle


Ballroom Dancing Club offers recreation, cardio health, and social interaction with other colleges

Basketball Club Men's team in sports uniforms group photo circle


Men's Basketball Club competes against college and university club teams in the NCBBA Mid-Atlantic South conference (not NCAA)

Boxing Club two cadets boxing photo circle


Boxing Club competes in the Eastern Collegiate Boxing Association

Building Bridges Club logo circle showing two hands in handshake

Building Bridges

Building Bridges Club connects cadets, faculty, and staff with the local community through civic engagement

U.S. Coast Guard boat on waves photo circle

Coast Guard

Coast Guard Club offers insight into the U.S. Coast Guard, Auxiliary membership, and Auxiliary University Program

Ducks Unlimited logo circle showing duck head and state of Virginia outline

Ducks Unlimited

licensed chapter offers opportunities in fundraising, volunteering, and events for wetland conservation, restoration, and management

Emergency Response Team EMT group of cadets photo circle


Emergency Response Team provides EMT‐B Certification for cadets who respond to VMI‐related emergencies

Equestrian Club cadet on horseback photo circle


Equestrian Club competes at regional and recognized eventing shows, continuing VMI's equestrian tradition

Fire Fighting Lexington club cadet members in uniform sit atop a fire truck photo circle

Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting Club offers community service opportunities through the Lexington Fire Department

Fishing Club cadet holding fish photo circle


Fishing Club offers recreational fishing trips, and skills and knowledge to be successful anglers

Glee Club cadet members singing photo circle

Glee Club

Glee Club offers opportunities to sing choral music at VMI and throughout Virginia and the eastern United States

Golf Club cadet member on course swinging to hit ball photo circle


Golf Club competes against local colleges and university club teams

Ice Hockey Club members attending hockey match as fans photo circle

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey Club competes in the Blue Ridge Hockey Association/American Collegiate Hockey Association

Ethics and Debate Club cadet speaking photo circle

Intercollegiate Ethics Team

The Intercollegiate Ethics Team promotes public speaking, critical thinking, and sound reasoning skills debating real world ethical dilemmas

International Club cadet members group photo circle


International Club offers cadets opportunities to share cultural perspectives, and learn about and contribute to the local community

Jiu-Jitsu Club cadet members practicing rolls in dojo photo circle


Jiu-Jitsu Club competes against local college and university club teams, and trains in grappling, joint-locks, and chokes

Marathon Running Club two cadets at a running event one holding a medal photo circle


Marathon Club (Running) competes in 5k, 10k, half and full marathons

Men in Grey male acapella group logo circle showing VMI building

Men In Grey

VMI's men's a capella group performs at VMI and other venues

Motivation team Moe the Kangaroo and S6 Captain at game photo circle


Motivation Team offers spirited members from all VMI companies opportunities to work alongside Moe the Mascot at home football games

Pistol club members stand together for a group photo at indoor range


Pistol Club competes against other club teams, and trains cadets in pistol safety and shooting

Powerlifting Club cadet members in weight room group photo circle


Powerlifting Club competes against local college and university club teams

Promaji Club cadet members sitting in auditorium photo circle


Promaji Club offers opportunities for fellowship, education, and community service, and inspires leaders from diverse backgrounds

Ranger Challenge cadets in combat uniform holding VMI flag group photo circle


Ranger Challenge, the "varsity sport" of the Army ROTC program, challenges Army ROTC cadet teams in mental and physical toughness

Military Skills Club cadet members wearing combat uniform group photo circle

Recon Company

Recon Company Club offers cadets knowledge and activities surrounding basic and advanced military skills

Rock Climbing Club cadet member climbing rock wall in gym photo circle

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Club competes against local college and university club teams, and provides equipment, training, and safety oversight

Rugby Club Men’s cadet members circling around on field photo circle

Rugby - Men

Men's Rugby Club competes in the Virginia Rugby Union

Scuba Club logo circle showing Moe the Kangaroo in front of red and white stripe diving flag


Scuba Club provides certification training and offers affordable club dive trips

Soccer Club team members playing soccer on field photo circle


Soccer Club competes against other college and university soccer clubs

The Bomb VMI yearbook logo circle in the shape of a ball with orange text that reads 1900 BOMB VMI

The Bomb

The Bomb yearbook club offers opportunities to produce an independent cadet yearbook, first published in 1885

VMI Theater cadet and community members of Tom Jones April 2022 standing on stage photo circle


Theater Club offers opportunities to write, direct, act in, and support plays and other theater productions, since 1970

Three Gun Club cadet members group holding rifle, pistol, shotgun in front of wall with large VMI logo photo circle

Three Gun

Three Gun Club competes against local college and university club teams and others, and provides rifle, pistol, and shotgun training

Timber Framers Club cadet members group standing and sitting in timber frame building under construction photo circle

Timber Framers

Timber Framers Club provides cadets with timber frame building skills and activities

Trap and Skeet Club cadet member raising shotgun toward sky with professional member watching photo circle

Trap and Skeet

Trap and Skeet Club competes locally and nationally, and offers shotgun shooting skills training

Triathlon Club team member splashes out or water from swim photo circle


Triathlon Club team practices three sports and competes in two collegiate triathlon races a semester against athletes from the eastern U.S.

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