VMI plans to welcome all new incoming cadets Saturday, August 19, 2023.

Matriculation Day for VMI is a significant emotional event for our matriculating cadets and their parents.

For some, this is the first time they will see the VMI Post and the imposing Gothic architecture of the VMI barracks. For others, it is the first time they have been separated from their parents for an extended period of time. For others still, it is a day filled with anticipation and angst as they contemplate not only the challenges of a college-level academic curriculum but also the fact that it is occurring within the rigor of VMI’s unique educational model.

VMI will conduct matriculation for the inbound class of 2027 in a manner that not only ensures the health and safety of our newest cadets but also their family and the entire VMI community.

Matriculants will be phased in throughout the day on Saturday, August 19. 

Matriculants will be notified via their VMI email of the time to report.

 UPDATE: A Matriculation Post Map is now available. Please review parking and traffic flow plans before arriving at VMI.

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