Call to Duty Scholarships

In addition to the benefits of a military-style education and a cadetship focused on developing future leaders, a new scholarship opportunity further distinguishes the Institute amongst other colleges and universities offering ROTC programs

VMI's Call to Duty Scholarships provide additional funding to appointed students who are recipients of the three and four-year ROTC national scholarships. ROTC national scholarships are awarded independently by the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The ROTC units at VMI are valuable resources for information about specific program requirements and expectations.

These Call to Duty Scholarships will cover the cost of housing (room) and food (board) at the Institute for cadet recipients.

This is an annual award. To keep the scholarship each semester, cadets must continue to demonstrate eligibility for their ROTC scholarship.   ROTC will work with the Office of Financial Aid to determine continued semester eligibility prior to the beginning of each semester.

If you are interested in applying for this exciting opportunity for financial support during your cadetship at VMI, contact the Office of Financial Aid today with any questions regarding eligibility.

Please note: The Call to Duty Scholarship is awarded after all types of other financial aid, excluding loans, have been applied, and is based on available funding.

Call to Duty Scholarship Application



As a senior military college, VMI’s ROTC program can provide military training at a higher level than programs at civilian colleges and universities. Cadets have access to active duty bases, field training exercises, and high-ranking military officials on post, a rich and valuable training ground for tomorrow’s officers.

Want to learn more? Complete the Inquiry Form & Questionnaire to connect with the admissions team and be sure to indicate your interest in commissioning and preferred branch of service.

Cadets utilize communications hardware during ROTC training.


Navy, Marine, Army, and Air Force ROTC cadets during commissioning ceremony at VMI, a military college in Virginia.


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