Engineering and Construction

The VMI Construction Office oversees all capital construction projects at the Institute. Project managers, working under the supervision of the Director of Construction, coordinate the work of architects, engineers, and contractors following the awarding of a contract for a capital project.

Whether new construction, renovations, or major repairs, the office is responsible for ensuring specifications are met, good construction practices are followed, and that high-quality work is completed.

Active Projects

  • Corps Physical Training Facility Phase 3, Aquatic Center - Design Development
  • Chessie Nature Trail Bridge at South River - Design Development
  • Lackey Parking – Design Development
  • Turman House – Design Development
  • 412 Parade Avenue (Superintendent’s Quarters) – Design Development
  • Post Infrastructure - Construction Phase
  • Preston Library Renovations - Construction Phase
  • Scott Shipp Hall Renovation and Expansion - Construction Phase

Completed Projects

  • Clarkson-McKenna Expansion
  • Crozet Hall Floor Replacement
  • Corp Physical Training Facility (CPTF) - Phase 2
  • Corp Physical Training Facility (CPTF) - Phase 1
  • Science Building Renovation
  • Military Leadership Field Training Grounds
  • South Institute Hill Parking
  • Post Hospital Renovation
  • Center for Leadership & Ethics
  • Kilbourne Hall
  • Gray-Minor Baseball Stadium
  • Crozet Hall
  • Foster Football Stadium
  • Physical Plant
  • Mallory Hall
  • North Institute Hill Parking
  • Improved Storm Water Drainage
  • Barracks Expansion and Renovation
  • Maury House (Commandant's Quarters)