Assistive Technology

Assistive technology can range from a simple low-tech device, such as a tape recorder, to a high-tech device, such as screen readers that read aloud Internet articles and electronic text documents.

The Office of Disabilities Services has the following assistive technology resources available for registered cadets:

Kurzweil 3000
VMI has licenses available for Kurzweil 3000, a text-to-speech program that also has speech-to-text capabilities and numerous useful study tools. Our Kurzweil system includes Mac and Windows versions as well as access to the new "Firefly" web version, which can be used online or on an iPad. Cadets using Kurzweil can access the program on their own personal computers or in any of the computer labs (or both!).

Dragon Naturally Speaking
Cadets can use DragonNaturally Speaking which is a speech recognition software program that converts speech to text allowing cadets to dictate information into a microphone.  This information then appears on the screen and can be edited by voice or keyboard.  Check with ODS for access to this software.

Smart Pen (
Records audio, takes notes, records what you say or write, and will play it back. Available for loan from the ODS. 

Sonnocent Audio Notetaker
Audio Notetaker is an interactive note-taking tool allowing you to take notes independently - capturing a complete record of the lecture without writing anything down.  It serves as an anchor for recording, reviewing, and interacting with class lectures.  You can come back to your recording to create a multi-sensory study resource.  As a result, it empowers students to work to their strengths and be active learners.

Alternate or Digital Formats fro Print Course Materials

If you have been granted accommodations and require print materials in digital format, we will provide your course materials directly into your Kurzweil account for direct access.  To allow adequate time to locate or produce electronic texts, requests from currently enrolled cadets must be received AT LEAST 4 weeks in advance.

We are set up to obtain digital versions of readings from a variety of sources.  We use the following to access digital formats.  Cadets must complete the Accessible Text Request and Accessible Text Agreement Form prior to receiving electronic versions of course materials.  Cadets must also provide us with a proof of purchase of the textbook.